Pretty cool affliction

March 30, 2016

I finally went to see another dermatologist after a year of having a rash on both my hands. He did an examination, and gave his prognosis: He said I had a “dishy idiotic eczema”. When we stopped chuckling over the name, he pronounced it better for my poor, old, hearing-aid stuffed, ears. I have “Dyshidrotic Excemz“, which is a type of crusty eczema that will never go away. I will have it, in varying stages of rot from nearly gone to full-on peeling skin mode.Not a really good thing, I’m thinking.

Fortunately, he gave me a shot in the butt, which was painful for a while. It is a steroid derivative and I didn’t realize (nor did he, apparently) that my blood sugar would spike – high. When I checked, it was 179. For me, that’s like pigging out on several candy bars, followed by a supersized soda, or sugar with a bit of tea in the cup.

But as Gomez Adams used to say “I’m much better now”.

Thank goodness for my being able to use the medical facilities of Wright-Patterson Medical Center as the co-pay for the ointment the dermatologist prescribed would have been around $10. I have never paid for a medication in my life and don’t intend to start now. Before I even got home, I had a call from the Doc’s pet pharmacy telling me my prescription was ready. They didn’t like it when I asked if it was free, and said ‘no way, Dude’. So I told them I got if for free and to cancel my order. They tried to get me to give them a credit card number due to my cancellation, telling me it was because I cancelled a pre-existing and ready prescription. I just laughed and hung up, then blocked their number. Gotta love the bottom feeders.




Hoppy Easter

March 27, 2016

Well, here we are again at Easter time. The temperatures are cooperating at least, hitting 74 (F) at the moment under partly cloudy skies. We don’t have kids/grandkids under the age of 25 around, so no egg-hiding. We couldn’t anyway because the grass is still too short and soggy from our last rain shower.

The one granddaughter living in the area and her fiancee will be here for a pork roast dinner with all the fixings. I sit here in my computer room smelling it as it sits in the oven cooking. I should probably be wearing a bib.

Another good reason I am happy to see winter go away is that I can finally go out and exercise properly. I have a set route I walk that is exactly a mile long. I spent some time a couple of years ago carrying a GPS with me as I walked. It clicked over to 1 mile just as I came in from the street to the front door. I can do it (on a good day) in around 17 to 18 minutes. This isn’t bad, considering my 73-year-old legs get a bit tired coming up the short, steep hill. If I reverse my route, I go down the steep hill and come up a longer, more gradual hill. Either way, I get a good workout. My BP drops down to a bit below normal and then rebounds to normal in about 10 minutes.

I feel really badly that I can’t do justice to all the writers I owe reviews to on The Next Big Writer and Booksie. When I try typing, my wrist begins to hurt and I slow way down. I normally type around 120wpm with no errors, but lately it has dropped to a left-handed speed of around 30wpm with lots of errors. Bummer. I typed this into OE Writer over time and then copy/pasted it here. I will be so glad when/if this goes away – whatever it is.




Wrist bone connected to the Pain bone

March 25, 2016

That’s not quite how the old song used to go, but it appropriate for me. My right wrist, for the last two months, has been in constant pain. It goes from a dull throbbing to a sharp, screaming pain whenever I bend my thumb back or try to grip something around the size of a grapefruit r larger.

I’ve been X-rayed – twice – to see if I had a sprain, and that led nowhere. Then they decided I had tendonitis, which is in the realm of possibility. Nope. On Thursday, I went for an MRI. This was a whole new adventure in pain also. I had to lie on my stomach, my right arm extended like Superman flying and hold it that way for over half an hour. My shoulder tendons cried out in pain around the 15-minute mark and by the time I was finished, i couldn’t push myself upright off the little table because my right arm wasn’t functioning right. It was dead as far as i knew. I must have been stretching a nerve or something like that because I couldn’t feel anything from my shoulder down.

The assistants get me off the table and let me sit down for a while as they massaged my arm. In ten minutes or so, I began to get feeling back. Damn, it was painful.

So, now I have the CD that resulted from the MRI and I now have to take it back over to the base hospital and let their wrist surgeon take a look at it to see what’s going on. I hope they can help me because this is getting extremely old. Fortunately, I am mostly ambidextrous and can even write my name left-handed, so I just switched the mousepad over to the left hand. I cannot type very well, however, as every time I put pressure on my fingers, I get a shooting pain up my arm. This is NOT carpal tunnel at all, so says two doctors. I will be quite happy when this is behind me.

It sucks to get old.



Back again

March 18, 2016

I see that I haven’t been on here in quite some time. Maybe I’d better post something other than “sorry about that”.

Lately, I’ve been plagued by a terrible bout of gout (hey! That rhymes!) My right wrist is red and extremely painful if I bend it. So, I’m typing this with my left hand, which is terribly awkward. Not only that, but mousing with my left hand is tedious to say the least.

My doctor advised drinking lots of water. My “lots” he recommended at least 2.5 litres a day. That’s bunch of water and I spend much time in the bathroom. But, water is the best Rx for gout other than complete rest of the affected part. The last time I had it, my left foot was swollen so badly i couldn’t walk or even bend my toes.. That was worse on me because I couldn’t do my exercise walk every day. I can at least do that wearing a wrist brace.

This has also caused an extreme slowdown in my writing on Booksie and The Next Big Writer, both sites I frequent. Trying to edit using one hand is just plain nuts.

Hopefully, this, too, shall pass (as well as all the water I’m drinking) and the pain will eventually go away.



A lot has happened.

November 18, 2014

I’ve been working away over on Booksie writing novels.  I have taken a lot of posts here, edited them, and produced a 101-chapter novel called “Life, Such as it Was”.  It’s an autobiography and anyone might find it interesting as it details my entire life up to the time I retired from the navy.

There are other novels, poems, and short stories there by me also that can be amusing as well as entertaining.  Give them a try also.  You have to be a member of Booksie in order to comment, but it is a painless process to create an account.  Who knows, you might even get to like it enough to try your hand at writing a great novel.

You can find my page at: h\ttp://

See ya.

Two novels published now

February 8, 2013

I’ve published two complete novels now and am working on a third over at  Drop by and check them out.  The URL is:

The two novels are 1) “Wanderlust”, and 2) “Snowbound”.  The third, “A Cat and Her Ship”, is a departure for me, being more science fiction touched by humor than a romance novel.



It has been a while

September 28, 2012

I know, I know.  I should have kept this blogging thing up.  In my own defense, I’ve been pretty busy over on Booksie.  My URL there is:

Come on over and take a look at the two novels I’ve published so far.  Well, one is finished and the other is about halfway.  WHo knows?  Maybe the writing bug will bite you also.



And now the book is published

June 16, 2012

Back again.  I’ve just published Chapter 45 of Wanderlust!  I hope you liked it.  I’m currently working on another short story (that may turn into a novel) with just a little more zip to it.  In spots, I may have to mark it rated M as it concerns two people who end up snowbound in a mountain cabin for two weeks.  Should be a good read.

The URL for Chapter 1 is:


I wrote a book!

January 31, 2012

In my copious spare time, I managed to write a little novel. This is my first attempt at writing for public (other than here on WordPress) so I don’t know what the reaction will be.  It is basically a love story that spans almost twenty years.  I drew a bit on my own experiences and embellished them somewhat then added flights of pure fancy.

Anyway, here’s the URL for the first chapter:

I intend to add chapters about once a week or so.  Please let me know what you think; good, bad, indifferent, whatever.



Some humerous items

January 4, 2012

A guy is 70 years old and loves to fish. He was sitting in his boat one day when he heard a voice say, ‘Pick me up.’ He looked around and couldn’t see anyone. He thought he was dreaming when he heard the voice say again, ‘Pick me up.’  He looked in the water and there, floating on top, was a frog.

The man said, ‘Are you talking to me?’

The frog said, ‘Yes, I’m talking to you. Pick me up, kiss me and then I’ll turn into the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. I’ll make sure that all your friends are envious and jealous because I will be your bride!’

The man looked at the frog for a short time, reached over, picked it up carefully, and placed it in his front breast pocket.

Then the frog said, ‘What, are you nuts? Didn’t you hear what I said? I said kiss me and I will be your beautiful bride.’

He opened his pocket, looked at the frog and said, ‘Nah, at my age I’d rather have a talking frog.’

= = =

1. Go to a secondhand store and buy a pair of size 14–16  men’s work boots.

2. Place them on your front porch, along with a copy of Guns ‘n’ Ammo Magazine.

3. Put four giant dog dishes next to the boots and magazines.

4. Leave a note on your door that reads:


Bertha, Duke, Slim, and I went for more ammo and beer. Be back in an hour. Don’t mess with the pit bulls. They got the mailman this morning and messed him up bad. I don’t think Killer took part, but it was hard to tell from all the blood. Anyway, I locked all four of ’em in the house. Better wait outside. Be right back.


= = =

An Italian MaMa

Mrs. Ravioli comes to visit her son Anthony for dinner. He lives with a female roommate, Maria. During the course of the meal, his mother couldn’t help but notice how pretty Anthony’s roommate is.

Over the course of the evening, while watching the two interact, she started to wonder if there was more between Anthony and his roommate than met the eye.

Reading his mom’s thoughts, Anthony volunteered, “I know what you must be thinking, but I assure you, Maria and I are just roommates.”

About a week later, Maria came to Anthony saying, “Ever since your mother came to dinner, I’ve been unable to find the silver sugar bowl. You don’t suppose she took it, do you?”

“Well, I doubt it, but I’ll email her, just to be sure.”

So he sat down and wrote an email:

Dear MaMa,

I’m not saying that you “did” take the sugar bowl from my house; I’m not saying that you “did not” take it.
But the fact remains that it has been missing ever since you were here for dinner.

Your Loving Son


Several days later, Anthony received a response email from his MaMa which read:

Dear son,

I’m not saying that you “do” sleep with Maria, and I’m not saying that you “do not” sleep with her. But the fact remains that if she was sleeping in her OWN bed, she would have found the sugar bowl by now.

Your Loving MaMa

= = =

Research shows that there are 7 kinds of sex.

The 1st kind of sex is called: Smurf Sex. * This kind of sex happens when You first meet someone, and you both have sex until you are blue in the face.

The 2nd kind of sex is called: Kitchen Sex. * This is when you have been With your partner for a short time, and you are so needy you will have sex Anywhere, even in the kitchen.

The 3rd kind of sex is called: Bedroom Sex.  This is when you have been with Your partner for a long time, your sex has gotten routine, and you usually have Sex only in your bedroom.

The 4th kind of sex is called: Hallway Sex * This is when you have been with Your partner for too long. When you pass each other in the hallway you both say ‘Screw you.’

The 5th kind of sex is called: Religious Sex. * This means you get Nun in The morning, Nun in the afternoon, and Nun at night. (Very Popular)

The 6th kind is called Courtroom Sex. * This is when you cannot stand your Wife any more.  She takes you to court and screws you in front of everyone.

And; Last, but not least, The 7th kind of sex is called: Social Security Sex.  You get a little each month, but not enough to enjoy yourself.