Love is everything

The next two days in Paris passed all too quickly for Virginia and me.  Sometimes we were with the others, but we did a lot of solo wandering too.  We did visit the Louvre and Notre Dame.  I still have some of those pictures somewhere.  They could be found if I really wanted to find them, but I am afraid if I did they would ultimately make me sad.  We were so happy and so much in love as only sixteen and a half can make you.

The night after Art and Shirley had dinner, he and Benny went out with Carol and Shirley for dinner.  Virginia and I had our dinner in the room.  I had planned on a really great dinner, but all we felt like when the time came was a simple snack.  I think the both of us were a bit nervous.  Hell, I knew I was.  Making hasty love on a train was one thing, but doing it here in this grand hotel room was a far different thing.

We finished our delivered snack, put the tray and dishes outside the door and locked it.  I knew which side of the doorknob placard to show (ne déranger pas – do not disturb) and made sure it was showing.  I turned back to the room just as Virginia turned out all the lights but the one next to the bed.  She was just sitting nervously there on the edge and rose to meet me in front of it.  We held each other’s hands, leaned in, and kissed.  Without any conscious movement, we found we were as close as we could get.  Our arms went around each other and again we kissed; this time with our secret kiss.  We backed up slightly and slowly began to undress each other.  With each bit of clothing that fell to our feet, our excitement grew.  Breathing was becoming difficult for me, so I tried holding my breath.  This turned out to be a bad idea because I got light-headed so I began breathing again.

Virginia stopped me when after I had removed everything but her rose colored panties.  She went over to the closet, reached in, and came out with a transparent nightie made of nothing but cobwebs and clouds.  I wasn’t even sure what color it was as it shimmered in the air.  When she put it on over her shoulders and drew it closed it somehow had enhanced her sheer attractiveness by highlighting her entire body.  Then she reached back in and drew out a silk robe for me.  Never before had anyone ever given me something as sensual as this.  I put it around my shoulders and it seemed to just flow downward over me, but before she let me close it, she reached out and drew my shorts down and off.  I knelt down and removed her panties.

As we turned to the fluffy bed, I quietly slid open the drawer on the nightstand to make sure I had my supply of condoms at the ready – because I sure was.  She pulled the covers back, held out her hand for mine and said “come make love to me”.  I loved her more than life itself at that moment.

We made love several times that night.  I don’t remember how many times, but each time was far more satisfying than the last as we gained confidence and boldness.  Time had stopped for us and we took full advantage of its unmoving stillness.  We clung to each other so hard that our bones protested.  We paused in our lovemaking to sip water and then began again.  What we lacked in experience, we made up for it in sheer desire to please each other.  If there was a paradise on this planet I was in it with my Earth Angel.

Time may have been standing still for us, but it wasn’t for the others.  When Art called up from the lobby and told me that they would come on up in half an hour, Virginia and I reluctantly released each other and she went into the bathroom.  I concluded that from the front or behind, Virginia was really a beautiful woman.  I really hated to see her put clothes back on and slip out the door for her own room.  I hastily remade the bed – paying close attention to tight corners and a straight coverlet.  There would be no doubt in either Benny or Art’s mind how we had spent our evening but that wasn’t any business of theirs, just Virginia’s and my secret.

Since Benny and Carol had use of the room on the fourth, and last, night we would have in Paris, Virginia and I just walked and talked all evening.  Paris is called the City of Lights and it proved that to us everywhere we turned.  Great arches over the Seine were lit, the finger of the Eiffel Tower rose into the night, and every street was brightly lit with hundreds of multicolored lights strung from tree to tree.  It was a lover’s paradise here in the spring and we took full advantage of it.  Wherever we turned, there seemed to be people kissing or sitting arm in arm on the benches.  I had so much affection for Virginia that if I were just a few years older I would have asked her right then to marry me.  Even then, I ached to do so.  We both agreed we were much too young to be thinking of such things, but we couldn’t stop wondering what our life would be like if we were married; we had our first years already planned.

The next day we packed up and returned to the Gare du Nord for our return to Stadt.  We had to change trains at Trier and almost missed our train because of a delay in our arrival.  We were out of breath when we finally hopped aboard the local to Stadt.

When we arrived, and the eight of us split up, my dad walked me back to the car and asked me if I had a good time.  I could have said almost anything, but I think that what told him the most was that I dropped a single condom packet into his hand.  As I did, he actually hugged me and told me he was proud of me.  He can be a bit ambiguous at times so I didn’t quite know how to take that, but I assumed he meant that I had shown restraint.  I guess it also meant that I had demonstrated to him that I respected Virginia both before and after our wonderful trip to Paris.

Once I turned sixteen and a half, I took driving lessons downtown and, after two tries, received my International Drivers License.  I didn’t have a car, but my dad let me use his, but only on special occasions and never off the base at first.  For my first mobile date, I picked up Virginia and drove her over to the Teen Club for a dance.  We must have waited fifteen minutes or so until some of our friends were outside the door; then we drove up.  I parked the car, handed her out of the seat, and received the congratulations of our friends.

The relationship between Virginia and me took on a different demeanor after the Paris trip.  Gone was the awkwardness we suffered in the beginning. In its place came a more candid and fulfilling bond.  Secret glances, brief hand squeezes, slight smiles, and unconcealed love shown from her eyes and, I imagine, mine.  My entire attitude and outlook on life changed almost overnight.  I stopped playing my music loud, stopped harassing my siblings, and even took on a part-time job delivering the daily base newspaper.

Her mom was undoubtedly the first to pick this new attitude of ours up; probably after the first dinner I went to at her house after Paris.  I didn’t know how much Virginia had shared with her mom (or her large father), and I wouldn’t have thought to ask her, so it remained a mystery how much they knew for sure.  My dad certainly knew what had happened on the trip and almost certainly told my mom.  One evening she and my dad sat me down in the living room and, over a small glass of schnapps, we talked.  It was the first really private moment the three of us had ever had.  They asked me about Virginia and I told them that Virginia and I loved each other very much.  Enough to really want to get married, but we wouldn’t even ask for permission because we didn’t want to put anyone in the difficult position of telling us “no”.

Ever on the search for places to visit, Virginia and I wandered the streets of Stadt every chance we got.  I was adept at picking out new destinations such as mills, ruins, and, yes, rail yards; whereas, Virginia was a church person.  She loved churches of any description and would shoot pictures of every one we saw.  Sometimes we would stop at a little sidewalk café and have a coffee or glass of schnapps.  It was on one of our day trips that we found it.  The little inn was nestled right on the edge of a small wood.  She fell in love with it immediately.  One day we went inside and had a lunch in the small restaurant attached to the Gasthaus.  She dared me to ask for a room so I did.  The old guy at the desk told me they only had seven rooms and all were booked full, but next weekend three of them would be free.  I thanked him and went back to a disappointed Virginia.

Next Friday right after school I begged for the car and quickly went downtown (I could do so by now) to the inn. The old guy remembered me, and signed me up for a room.  While he did, he asked me if “ihre Frau” (my wife) would join me.  His face brightened when I told him that she wasn’t ‘meine Frau’ quite yet but only my ‘Verlobtes’ or fiancée (a small fib).  There was no doubt he loved a good romance as well as anyone.  He told me he’d have a special room for us that faced the rising sun every morning.

Saturday came and we made excuses to be out all night at a friend’s house to our respective parents.  We both hated to lie to them, but I think they really just needed something to buffer their feelings a bit.  Virginia told me when we met at the bus stop outside the base gate that her mom had said “be careful” instead of her usual “have fun” and then hugged her.  I don’t think we were fooling anyone.

Once downtown, we checked into the inn, had a very nice dinner, and, for the first time at that wonderful inn, climbed the stairway to heaven.



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