Oktoberfest – Part 2

That evening we took things easy by joining the rest of our group in one of the separate dining rooms for dinner.  It was a lively group even considering all the excitement of the day.  A few of the more hardy souls were primed to go back out after dinner and do some more celebrating, but our group of teens elected to do some dancing in the hotel ballroom.

Group dancing has never been my favorite, but I was willing to share in the merriment of the evening.  A dance instructor showed the crowd how to do some of the more basic dance steps of traditional German folk dancing.  My favorite was the Zwiefacher which is a kind of waltz combined with some extra whirls or pivots.  You don’t get very close but you certainly do have fun; and Polkas are there to get everyone tapping their feet.

After a couple of hours of fast, slow, and moderate dancing we were pretty much beat so we all said our goodbyes and headed up to our respective rooms.  I walked Virginia up to her room and, as I was giving her a goodnight kiss, Molly’s mom went by and gave us the fisheye.  She had no idea the fun we were having.  The two of us made plans to go on a picture taking trip the next day.

When breakfast was over, Virginia and I left on our tour.  We had rented bicycles so we packed a small lunch provided by our friends in the kitchen and pedaled off.  As I said before, Virginia was nutty about churches.  She headed this way and that locating promising spires on the horizon and finding streets and alleys that took her there.  I was thoroughly lost after the third of fourth church.

We stopped at a little one block park and had our lunch sitting on a stone bench near a small pond filled with swans.  Once they noticed we had food, they would gather and threaten to beat our brains out with their wings if we didn’t share.  We finally had to retreat to a band kiosk to escape them.  After lunch, we started out again.

I was more interested in architecture than anything else.  Odd shaped buildings, carved lintels and fancy fountains were what I liked to shoot.  Somewhere, I still have a great picture of Virginia standing on the lip of a fountain with her hand outstretched.  She appears to be holding the spray from the fountain in her closed fist.  She didn’t know until I developed it that a stone lion was behind her and about to take a bite out of her shapely behind.

I found a model train store down one alley.  I have always been fascinated by trains and German manufacturers make some of the finest models in the world.  I wandered the store taking in all the models until Virginia called to me.  She pointed to a box with a picture of a saddle tank locomotive on it.  She said she thought that this looked just like the engine Hans and Gerd drove.  Except for some minor details, it was an exact copy of it.  It was reasonably priced so I bought it.

Weary, but happy, we made out way back to the hotel around the early afternoon.  The signs were hung on both our doors so we shuffled down to the restaurant and dawdled over a cup of coffee each and a pastry.  Between munches and sips we held hands across the table.  As I stared into her eyes, I told myself I would do anything for her.

Our reverie was interrupted by my parents coming across the room and sitting down with us.  We sat through a description of my mom’s shopping tour and looked at the booty she had collected throughout the day.  I had to admit that she had good taste though.  I wondered where she had picked up the silver Edelweiss and asked her.  She said the shop was right down the street.  Virginia loved it and I made a mental note to take her down there tomorrow.  We excused ourselves and headed back upstairs.

We split at the fourth floor in front of my room.  She wanted to go up and take a bath before dinner.  I thought that was a great idea and offered to scrub her back.  She hesitated for a minute, and then said it wouldn’t be a good idea right now because any, or all, of the girls might be there.  I reluctantly agreed and went into my room as she walked to the elevator.

Roger and Henry were in the room lying on their respective beds.  The curtains were closed making it semi-dark so I figured they were resting up for the evening.  Gathering my toiletries, I headed for the bathroom to clean up.  This evening we were all going to go back to the carnival midway and spend some time there.

Following dinner, we all trooped down the street and into the park for some fun.  We stayed together for most of the evening with some of us taking rides while the others took pictures.  We had a great amount of fun and didn’t touch anything stronger than lemonade.  Last night’s beer was a clear memory and we didn’t really want to repeat it again so soon.  I won some stuff for Virginia at a dart throwing booth.  I was always good at darts and managed to get three of them in a row into the bullseye.  I picked a huge stuffed monkey, which she carried around on her back with the arms wrapped around her shoulders.  She predictably called it her ‘monkey on my back’.

Paula turned out to be the best shot among us though as she racked up an impressive score with a little .22 rifle.  She opted for a fake Indian headdress which began molting feathers almost as soon as she walked away from the booth.  By the time the evening was over, it had lost almost all of them and looked really strange.

We rode for a long time on a giant ferris wheel which would stop at least once to take on passengers and leave alternating cars on top with a great view.  Molly was in the car behind Virginia and I so she took a great picture of us wrapped around each other and our lips pressed together.  You couldn’t tell who it was though because she didn’t use a flash and the figures were in silhouette.  It was quite good.

We all finished up the night on a merry-go-round.  This was, by far, the largest one I had ever been on – even larger than the one at Glen Echo a few years back with Kathleen.  I didn’t mention that fact, however, to Virginia.

Eventually we headed back to the hotel.  One of us, I don’t remember who, started a song and we all took up the refrain and chorus.  Soon we had almost everyone on the sidewalk singing it.  We sounded like a scene from a musical I guess.  We quieted down as we approached the hotel and broke apart at the elevators.  The girls all went upstairs and we boys went into the bar for a nightcap.

It was packed with partygoers who were just topping off their tanks.  Almost immediately beer steins were pressed into our hands and we were dragged into the room.  It seems a large party was celebrating the engagement of two of their own and was treating all comers.  We toasted the engagees and downed the beer.  The party was showing no signs of slowing when the manager came out and told us the bar was closing in fifteen minutes.  Reluctantly, we all finished our drinks and left for our room.  When we reached our room, the message light was blinking.

I called the desk for the message and was told that Roger’s mom and dad had decided to stay the night in Nürnberg which was about a hundred miles away.  I passed this on to Roger who immediately called Cleo’s room.  Even after some shameless begging, he couldn’t convince Cleo to meet him there.  He sounded pretty disappointed when he hung up.

The phone rang again, and it was passed to me with a smirk by Wayne who mouthed ‘Virginia’ silently.  I answered and heard her speak three words: “room three-twelve” and hang up.  I was pleased at this bit of unexpected luck and gathered my toiletries and beat feet to the room.  I arrived first, and endured several minutes of scrutiny by an older couple who passed me on their way to their room presumably.  Finally, the elevator dinged and Virginia came out, looked around, and headed quickly towards me.

She had the key out before reaching the door and rapidly opened it for the two of us.  As we went in, I stuck the sign on the door ‘nicht dusturb’ which is pretty much self-explanatory.

Virginia told me she could only stay for an hour though because it was very late already and she had to be back in the room by morning.  I was a little downcast until she came over to me and wrapped her arms around my waist, wiggled her hips into mine and kissed me with our secret tongue tap.  This produced an almost instantaneous erection in me and hardened breast tips to her.  We trailed clothes all the way over to the bed and piled in.

The first time was quick and satisfying, but the second time was slower and much more fulfilling to both of us.  The afterglow lasted quite some time until I glanced at my watch and told her that the hour was almost up.  We quickly made the bed, dressed, and slipped back towards our respective rooms.

I got back into our room and told the guys that the room was free if anyone wanted it.  No takers though, they had already telephoned upstairs and found the rest of the girls were already asleep.  Good advice, we thought, and all of us dropped off to sleep.



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