An update

Since my last post in November a lot has happened.  I was in the hospital for a bit while the health guessers probed the reasons behind my extended stomach cramps.  Exercising due care, and fee splitting, they managed to parlay a simple intestinal blockage into a major production that stopped just short of opening me up and letting all the little sprockets, wheels, and springs out.  I’m okay now, but the did manage to create an incision of considerable size in my wallet.  Before it’s lifeblood was stemmed, all the green was gone.  It will probably have a scar for the rest of it’s life.

Couple that ordeal with a hefty snowstorm or two which forced me out into it clad in my Elk hunting suit to battle the elements.  Of course, it does help when you are armed with a 2.5HP self-powered snow blower.  It was exhausting.  For almost an hour I had to hold down those levers to keep the scooper reel and the wheels turning.  Why can’t snow blowers come with one of those little ride-behind platforms that a person can stand on?  Or, better yet, why not have a little slot on the side that spits out file-dollar bills so you can pay someone else to do it?

At the moment, it is 13 degrees out.  That temperature pushes down the needle in my ‘reallycold-o-meter’ to ‘stay at home, fool’!  There is no wind today.  If I stick my nose outside to the front porch I can hear the birds bitching as they fight over the ice-encrusted seeds in my feeder.  The squirrels, being a far smarter animal, are just hopping from limb to limb (of the tree, that is) and harassing the birds.  I threw some pieces of bread out on the snow of the front lawn but they haven’t discovered them yet.  They will begin to fight soon.  Can you call it a turf war if there isn’t any turf visible?

There is a village across the state from me where a famous manufacturer creates those wonderful pies you find everywhere.  They recently had a fire and, in the midst of the conflagration, there was an explosion.  The blast was heard 3.1415 miles away.

Happy Holidays!



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