A lot has happened.

I’ve been working away over on Booksie writing novels.  I have taken a lot of posts here, edited them, and produced a 101-chapter novel called “Life, Such as it Was”.  It’s an autobiography and anyone might find it interesting as it details my entire life up to the time I retired from the navy.

There are other novels, poems, and short stories there by me also that can be amusing as well as entertaining.  Give them a try also.  You have to be a member of Booksie in order to comment, but it is a painless process to create an account.  Who knows, you might even get to like it enough to try your hand at writing a great novel.

You can find my page at: h\ttp://www.booksie.com/Tom_Oldman

See ya.


2 Responses to “A lot has happened.”

  1. Casey Jones Says:

    I came across your wordpress a few years ago and enjoyed reading your memoirs and adventures. I own an old Volkswagen and thought about them again while working on it. The bookmark was lost long, long ago… and it took well over a half hour searching various keywords to find it again. However, I am happy to see you are doing well and wish you the best. Thanks!

    • tom1950 Says:

      Hi, Casey. My memoirs were novelized and posted over on Booksie.com under my own name “Tom Oldman”. If you go to their home page, and use the search feature, you’ll find me. The one you want is named “Life, such as it was”.



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