Back again

I see that I haven’t been on here in quite some time. Maybe I’d better post something other than “sorry about that”.

Lately, I’ve been plagued by a terrible bout of gout (hey! That rhymes!) My right wrist is red and extremely painful if I bend it. So, I’m typing this with my left hand, which is terribly awkward. Not only that, but mousing with my left hand is tedious to say the least.

My doctor advised drinking lots of water. My “lots” he recommended at least 2.5 litres a day. That’s bunch of water and I spend much time in the bathroom. But, water is the best Rx for gout other than complete rest of the affected part. The last time I had it, my left foot was swollen so badly i couldn’t walk or even bend my toes.. That was worse on me because I couldn’t do my exercise walk every day. I can at least do that wearing a wrist brace.

This has also caused an extreme slowdown in my writing on Booksie and The Next Big Writer, both sites I frequent. Trying to edit using one hand is just plain nuts.

Hopefully, this, too, shall pass (as well as all the water I’m drinking) and the pain will eventually go away.




2 Responses to “Back again”

  1. Marcus Says:

    All that water can help keep away kidney stones too – which have been my personal affliction. Figure extra time in the bathroom is worth not having the pain. Imagine you’re in the same thought with your wrist.
    My thoughts will be with you while you recover.
    PS – glad you’re back, even though this is my first time to your page 🙂

    • tom1950 Says:

      Definitely. I lost my left kidney to cancer 7 years ago, so the increase in water runs through me faster than normal.

      Thanks for the response, Marcus.


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