Wrist bone connected to the Pain bone

That’s not quite how the old song used to go, but it appropriate for me. My right wrist, for the last two months, has been in constant pain. It goes from a dull throbbing to a sharp, screaming pain whenever I bend my thumb back or try to grip something around the size of a grapefruit r larger.

I’ve been X-rayed – twice – to see if I had a sprain, and that led nowhere. Then they decided I had tendonitis, which is in the realm of possibility. Nope. On Thursday, I went for an MRI. This was a whole new adventure in pain also. I had to lie on my stomach, my right arm extended like Superman flying and hold it that way for over half an hour. My shoulder tendons cried out in pain around the 15-minute mark and by the time I was finished, i couldn’t push myself upright off the little table because my right arm wasn’t functioning right. It was dead as far as i knew. I must have been stretching a nerve or something like that because I couldn’t feel anything from my shoulder down.

The assistants get me off the table and let me sit down for a while as they massaged my arm. In ten minutes or so, I began to get feeling back. Damn, it was painful.

So, now I have the CD that resulted from the MRI and I now have to take it back over to the base hospital and let their wrist surgeon take a look at it to see what’s going on. I hope they can help me because this is getting extremely old. Fortunately, I am mostly ambidextrous and can even write my name left-handed, so I just switched the mousepad over to the left hand. I cannot type very well, however, as every time I put pressure on my fingers, I get a shooting pain up my arm. This is NOT carpal tunnel at all, so says two doctors. I will be quite happy when this is behind me.

It sucks to get old.




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