Hoppy Easter

Well, here we are again at Easter time. The temperatures are cooperating at least, hitting 74 (F) at the moment under partly cloudy skies. We don’t have kids/grandkids under the age of 25 around, so no egg-hiding. We couldn’t anyway because the grass is still too short and soggy from our last rain shower.

The one granddaughter living in the area and her fiancee will be here for a pork roast dinner with all the fixings. I sit here in my computer room smelling it as it sits in the oven cooking. I should probably be wearing a bib.

Another good reason I am happy to see winter go away is that I can finally go out and exercise properly. I have a set route I walk that is exactly a mile long. I spent some time a couple of years ago carrying a GPS with me as I walked. It clicked over to 1 mile just as I came in from the street to the front door. I can do it (on a good day) in around 17 to 18 minutes. This isn’t bad, considering my 73-year-old legs get a bit tired coming up the short, steep hill. If I reverse my route, I go down the steep hill and come up a longer, more gradual hill. Either way, I get a good workout. My BP drops down to a bit below normal and then rebounds to normal in about 10 minutes.

I feel really badly that I can’t do justice to all the writers I owe reviews to on The Next Big Writer and Booksie. When I try typing, my wrist begins to hurt and I slow way down. I normally type around 120wpm with no errors, but lately it has dropped to a left-handed speed of around 30wpm with lots of errors. Bummer. I typed this into OE Writer over time and then copy/pasted it here. I will be so glad when/if this goes away – whatever it is.





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