Pretty cool affliction

I finally went to see another dermatologist after a year of having a rash on both my hands. He did an examination, and gave his prognosis: He said I had a “dishy idiotic eczema”. When we stopped chuckling over the name, he pronounced it better for my poor, old, hearing-aid stuffed, ears. I have “Dyshidrotic Excemz“, which is a type of crusty eczema that will never go away. I will have it, in varying stages of rot from nearly gone to full-on peeling skin mode.Not a really good thing, I’m thinking.

Fortunately, he gave me a shot in the butt, which was painful for a while. It is a steroid derivative and I didn’t realize (nor did he, apparently) that my blood sugar would spike – high. When I checked, it was 179. For me, that’s like pigging out on several candy bars, followed by a supersized soda, or sugar with a bit of tea in the cup.

But as Gomez Adams used to say “I’m much better now”.

Thank goodness for my being able to use the medical facilities of Wright-Patterson Medical Center as the co-pay for the ointment the dermatologist prescribed would have been around $10. I have never paid for a medication in my life and don’t intend to start now. Before I even got home, I had a call from the Doc’s pet pharmacy telling me my prescription was ready. They didn’t like it when I asked if it was free, and said ‘no way, Dude’. So I told them I got if for free and to cancel my order. They tried to get me to give them a credit card number due to my cancellation, telling me it was because I cancelled a pre-existing and ready prescription. I just laughed and hung up, then blocked their number. Gotta love the bottom feeders.




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